Why Bamboo Sidewalls?

One of the most difficult and expensive problems for a small ski shop to overcome is that of the sidewalls, the material that keeps your ski core from absorbing moisture. The material used in most sidewall-constructed skis is a plastic that inherently doesn’t stick to epoxy. Any milled edge that will be glued must be “flame treated and abraded” to render a glueable surface. This can be done with a propane torch and a sander, however this is a very imprecise method. The machinery that does this precisely is prohibitively expensive, thus only large ski manufacturers can justify it. So what to do?


A business could source out the production of skis, but then you’re in the marketing business, not the ski building business. You could risk sidewall delamination by using iffy methods, but then you’re possibly out of business.  Or, you can find a better sidewall material… Enter bamboo. It glues fabulously with epoxy, doesn’t absorb moisture and is a renewable resource.  A green building material unlike plastic. Plus, it looks great.