History of 7B Skis

For years I looked for a ski that didn't exist. A lot of the local side and backcountry terrain stems from or leads to low angle assents. Boot packing sucks and skins always seemed like overkill. Either way it took too long. Therefore I kept looking for a true downhill mid-fat ski with fish scale bases to no avail. So I built my own and 7B Skis was born.


After a year of testing different base patterns, the right combination of uphill grip and downhill speed was achieved and the GOAT BC was unveiled. The logical next step was to design and build skis that would appeal to a larger cross section of skiers than that of such a specialized product. That being said, the same concepts that went into that first ski apply to the skis we build today weather geared to the resort or backcountry.


At 7B Skis we believe the old adage that “Less Is More” is often true.  Less weight, less bulk, less bling, less gimmicks equal more of what we look for in a ski.  Our design and construction philosophy of “The least needed to create the most” is what started the business in 2008 and is what still drives us today.


Through our design we create skis that do their job with less size and bulk. Our construction utilizes weight saving and environmentally friendly materials where possible. The simple beauty of our clear topsheets highlighting the wood cores won’t go out of style.


We invite you to experience the 7B difference. Come demo our skis through the Ski & Ride Center at Schweitzer Mountain or

contact us for more info.


We're proud say that our custom skis are Made In The USA; right here in Sandpoint, Idaho.