GO•AT Base Technology
7B Skis Goat Base Fish Scales

If you're considering buying a pair of our backcountry / touring skis with the GO•AT Base, there are some things you must consider.


First off, skis with the GO•AT Base are not a one-ski quiver. They're not skis you'll typically use for resort based skiing. What they are is a ski that lets you go fast without hurrying in the sidecountry and backcountry.


Like any fish scaled ski base, downhill speed will be slightly sacrificed on packed/groomed runs when the ski is laid flat. The steeper the terrain and the more the ski is on edge, the less it will be affected.


In powder however, the drag caused by our fish scales is virtually negated and rarely noticeable. Of course, where the GOAT Base really shines is on the ascent. On low angle climbs, skins are usually not needed. For A/T skiers, just release your heels and you’re off. Tele gear is obviously ever faster and the turn around at the top is just as quick. Rolling terrain on tours is a breeze: No decisions on whether to put on skins or God forbid, boot pack. Plus you get glide with every kick.


The degree of slope you can climb depends on the snow conditions.  You'll get better grip in higher moisture content snow. You will quickly learn what slopes you can be virtually assured of ascending and what you can climb in different snow conditions. When you do need to use your skins, the recessed fish scales will allow them to lay flat so no snow packs under them as can happen with extruded scales. Of course, you'll most likely become addicted to climbing without skins and will develop your own set of tricks and routes to use them as little as possible.


The important thing to remember is that the GO•AT Base will not replace your skins; it's simply another tool for traveling off the beaten track. Never venture into terrain without your skins that you're unwilling or unable to boot pack out of.